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Boolean In C

Boolean in C – A Comprehensive Guide

Hey, folks! In this article, we will focusing on an important topic of C programming — Boolean in C. We often come across situations wherein we need to display the outcome of any action or….

Unordered Sets Featured Image

Unordered Set in C++ STL

The C++ Standard Template Library supports several data structures that play an important role in any programmer’s life. One such data container is the “Unordered Set in C++“. Unlike the STL Sets, these types of….

Unordered Map Cpp

Understanding the unordered map in C++

In this article, we’ll take a look at using the unordered map data structure in C++. This is a part of the C++ Standard Template Library (STL), and is a very useful data structure. Let’s….

C Printf() Function

C printf() Function – Displaying Output on the Console

Hey, all. In this article, we will be focusing on C printf() function in detail. Be it any programming language, we always require the user interaction with the system through the console or interface. In….

Vigenere Cipher Featured Image

Vigenere Cipher and its implementation in C++

The Vigenere Cipher follows its name from a French cryptographer Blaise de Vigenere. This cipher is a substitution cipher that supports encryption and decryption of only alphabetic text. There is a Vigenere’s Table which is….

The By() Function In R

Basics of the by() function in R

The by() function in R is an easy function that allows us to group data within a data set, and perform mathematical functions on it. It takes a vector, a string, a matrix, or a….

Trunc() Function In R

The trunc() function in R – Things to know

The trunc() function in R is more often used by the programmers to round the values to zero decimal points. In other words, you can convert float values into an int using trunc() function. You….

C Scanf() Function

The scanf() function in C – Accepting userinput in C

Hey, all. In this article, we will be focusing on the scanf() function in C in detail. Working of the scanf() function in C Be it any programming language, we always need user input, in….

Subset() Function In R

A Complete Reference to the Subset() function in R

R language is a supremo in analysing data, which includes data processing, manipulation and analysis. It offers numerous function to do so and subset() function in R is one among them. In general words, subsetting….


C++ Nested If statement – All you need to know!

Hey, all. In this article, we will focus on C++ Nested If statement. C++ programming language contains various selection and iteration statements to work with the data values in an efficient manner. In order to….

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