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How to Install MariaDB on Ubuntu

We can install MariaDB on Ubuntu from the Ubuntu repositories or the official MariaDB repositories. In this tutorial, we’ll go over both the methods in detail. The preferred way is to make use of the….

Java CountDownLatch

Java CountDownLatch – A Nifty Synchronization Aid

Java CountDownLatch class is part of Concurrency API. It allows us to create a synchronization, where a thread waits until the count down is 0. It’s useful when we want a thread to wait on….

Tkinter tutorial – part 3

Introduction In the first and the second part of Tkinter tutorial, we discussed how to create simple GUI with basic GUI building blocks of Tkinter module. In this tutorial, we’ll go through how to build….

Tkinter tutorial – part 2

Introduction In the first part of our Tkinter tutorial, we created a simple graphical interface having a window and a label. The article explained how to create it and customize it. In the second part….

Python Tkinter tutorial – part 1

Introduction to Tkinter There are multiple ways to interact with a program: either through the command line or through GUI. GUI is a desktop application that provides a user interface that helps interact with the….

Maven Build Lifecycle Phase Goal

Maven Build Lifecycle, Phases, and Goals

What is Maven Build Lifecycle? When we build a Maven project, it executes a set of clearly defined tasks based on the project pom.xml configuration and the command-line options. This standard set of tasks creates….

20+ Maven Commands and Options (Cheat Sheet)

If you are working on Java, you must know Maven. Maven is the most popular project and dependency management tool for Java applications. Maven provides a lot of commands and options to help us in….

Apache Maven Dependency Tree

Maven Dependency Tree – Resolving Conflicts

Maven Dependency Tree is very helpful in understanding the project dependencies and resolving any conflicts because of different versions of a dependency. How to get the Maven Dependency Tree of a Project We can run….

Maven Repositories

Maven Repository – A Brief Guide

What is a Maven Repository? A maven repository is a central location that holds build artifacts and their metadata. What are the different types of Maven Repositories? There are two types of maven repositories. Local….

Using Maven in Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE has fantastic support for Maven. We can easily create maven projects, build, deploy, and run it using the Eclipse GUI based interface. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use maven in….

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