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Change Reset Mysql Mariadb Root Password

How to Change/Reset MySQL or MariaDB root Password

Recently, I changed my website MySQL root user password. Then I thought what will happen if I forget the MySQL root password? Is there an easy way to reset the MySQL or MariaDB root password?….

Swap Memory In Linux

How Does Swap Memory in Linux Work?

To understand what Swap memory in Linux is, we will have a look at the concept of RAM and how the Linux system reacts when RAM reaches its maximum capacity. With the topic of memory,….

Kill Command

What is The kill Command in Linux?

Need to kill a running process? The kill command in Linux is built for just that. No operating system is perfect. Hence it is common for your Linux system to have to deal with the….

Load Average In Linux

What is Load Average in Linux?

Load Average in Linux is a metric that is used by Linux users to keep track of system resources. It also helps you monitor how the system resources are engaged. While Load Average is one….

Different Types Of Shells

What are the Different Types of Shells in Linux?

Shells are an important part of any Linux user session. We are provided several different types of shells in Linux to accomplish tasks. Each shell has unique properties. Hence, there are many instances where one….

Rename A File

How to Rename a File in Linux?

This tutorial will walk you through the simple steps to rename a file in Linux. It’s going to be a very simple and straightforward tutorial even if you are a beginner. Before we begin This….

Histogram In R

How to plot a Histogram in R

In this tutorial, we’ll go over the steps to plot a histogram in R. A histogram is a graphical representation of the values along with its range. It is similar to a bar plot and….

OpenLiteSpeed Webserver

How to Install OpenLiteSpeed Webserver on Ubuntu?

Want to install OpenLiteSpeed Webserver on Ubuntu? Today we’re going to do just that. The OpenLiteSpeed web server is an open-source server renowned for its lightweight nature and high performance. Developed by LiteSpeed Technologies, it….

Median In R

How to find the Median in R

In this tutorial, let’s learn how we can find the median in R. Median is defined as the measurement of central tendency in the data. In simpler terms, you may call it the ‘middle’ value…..

Seaborn Heatmaps

Seaborn Heatmap Tutorial – A Comprehensive Guide

Hey, folks! In this article, we will be discussing about Data Visualization through Seaborn Heatmaps. Understanding Heatmap in Seaborn library Python has got various modules to prepare and present the data in a visualized form….

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